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The green list grows for travellers

27 Aug 2021

Every three weeks, we have a travel update from the government, with the latest on the 26th August, expanding the green list with seven more countries - great news for intrepid travellers.

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Miss Malta - Miss Out

10 Jul 2021

It’s easy to overlook Malta as a holiday destination with other sunny destinations claiming the limelight, but Malta holds some of the most magical travel experiences.

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From beats to unbeaten tracks in the Balearics

02 Jul 2021

Whether you’re a music lover who would like to watch the sun come up in Ibiza or a beachgoer who prefers to soak up the Mediterranean sun in Majorca -- the Balearic Islands are like a sweet shop for travellers.

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Malta to Madeira - Your Travel Green List Update

29 Jun 2021

From 4 am on 30th June 2021, a UK resident can travel to Malta, Madeira, the Balearic Islands, and several UK overseas and Caribbean Islands without automatic hotel quarantine or self-isolation on return.

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Picturesque Portugal's hidden gems

14 May 2021

Portugal conjures images of the Algarve’s golden beaches and world-renowned golf courses, but there are also hidden gems in Portugal. As tourism to Portugal heats up, you might be comfortable sticking to the main tourist destinations like the Algarve or might want to head off the beaten track away from the crowds seeking authenticity and peace.

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Where can I travel on holiday in 2021? The Green List

09 May 2021

From Portugal to Iceland, the government’s travel green list has been announced, and with it brings the excitement of making up for lost time.

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Businesses urged to keep accepting cash to protect vulnerable

29 Jul 2020

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